SCM - Simple content manager

The idea behind simple content manager was is i had my own made cms which i have worked on for a couple of years through out that period the content management system has evolved in terms of content management features such as having a responsive design, easy building different content types such as rich text, uploaders, the system was really flexible in terms of creating different content types based on any new requirements, but there was some limitation in terms of layout and the way the content appeared on each page same as all content management systems where you have a general theme and then within that theme you would have a fixed layout where for example the title of the page would always appear on top and then there was a place for an image, and then a place for out ever the developer has placed his code to show on that page, in evolving place such as the web and with the need to publish content in minutes not days, weeks, our hours i have developed an easy to use content system where you are the boss , i have included many essential content types which were important for any website:

  • Content tabs
  • Accordions and collapsible content
  • Maps
  • Carousels
  • Headings
  • Responsive Image backgrounds
  • Responsive Youtube videos
I think i have reached a decent level of customization which will help anyone looking to build websites easily to use my system to do just that ,if you like to learn more and maybe content me feel free to visit my web page