Simple content manger showcase

With Simple Content Manager , it's so easy to build any website you like there are no restrictions what so ever, with 4 color themes and adding more soon, you can easily build a website in an afternoon, you no more need a web designer to build that responsive website all you need is your idea and imagination, some of the examples of website types you can create:
  • Software company website
  • Cupcake store
  • News website

With Simple Content Manager the sky is the limit, with a direct integration of the popular design framework Bootstrap you can copy and past any snippet of Bootstrap website and only edit the content , add: 
  1. A carousel
  2. Content Panels
  3. Even add pop ups using our special space to add your own Javascript files and CSS code 

This is the idea behind Simple Content Manager is to have a super modular web design and content management system
Stay focused on what is important your content and  let our content system do the hard work.
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